Aboriginal Relations

Our vision at Petrowest is to be a leader in our industry through working collaboratively with Aboriginal people, organizations and communities to build a culturally safe, secure and inclusive work environment founded on strong and respectful relationships.

As a company with strong roots in northeastern British Columbia and northern Alberta, Petrowest has embraced a culture of inclusiveness for over 30 years. We employ numerous Aboriginal people, build capacity by supplying heavy equipment to Aboriginal organizations and work cooperatively with Aboriginal organizations on several projects. 

Petrowest hires personnel that are best qualified for the position available and employs a robust training program to help each employee grow and improve in order to achieve success. At any time, either when we are busy or during recessionary periods, Petrowest employs numerous Aboriginal employees that are labourers, traffic control, heavy equipment operators, mechanics, mechanic apprentices, construction foremen and supervisors, camp attendants, camp cooks and corporate managers.

Petrowest frequently partners with Aboriginal organizations that require construction equipment but are unable to meet all the client’s equipment needs. In these ventures, we offer industry best practices in performance, quality management, health safety and environmental expertise and training to our Aboriginal partners.